Early Music

Matt Lajoie 'The Accidental Eye'


C45 audio cassette with single-colour risograph-printed cover and two-colour screenprinted insert. Catalogue number EM03. Also available as an 'art edition' on Winebox Press (winebox30).

'Perhaps better known by a few solo aliases (Cursillistas, Endless Caverns) and as a driving force behind the psych-rock power trio Herbcraft, this is – to the best of my knowledge – Mr Lajoie's second full-length solo release under his own name. The first, a very beautiful cassette on the very fine label Cabin Floor Esoterica, was a quietly blazing side of whirring after-hours guitar mono-/dialogue, with a distinct Garcia-esque melodic clarity peeking through the thick fug of deep tremolo and heavy phasing. The material here inhabits a few different zones: the swirling title track moves from textural string-based overtonal drone to an ecstatic Vibracathedral/VU movement-in-stasis moment of climax, while much of the rest of the first side combines free blues playing with an 'Eastern' focus on drone strings. Mr Lajoie is a collaborator/peer of MV & EE and his music is often possessed of a similar spirit in terms of its blasted take on pre-war blues. Some of the slide guitar material on the second side here, however, is pure languid back-porch starkness...not sure if the dog I hear barking is here or there but it's welcome to howl along in any case.'